Michael's (Adam Sandler) Light-Up Remote Display

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Michael's (Adam Sandler) light-up Universal Remote Control used in the 2006 hilarious comedy, Click. After an innocent trip to Bath & Beyond, Michael is given a 'universal' remote by the eccentric Morty (Christopher Walken), that can skip, mute, pause and fast forward his 'boring' life and abuse his boss, but at a cost.

The great little gadget has an ergonomic shape fitting easily into the hand, with easily accessible buttons and a small screen at the top. It is made from glittery blue resin, chrome metal tips and translucent green static buttons, and has the awesome added bonus of the five main buttons and plain white screen illuminating when the small black button at the bottom is pressed, meaning this was most likely used when the prop needed to stand out that little bit more on camera.

It measures 18cm x 7cm (7“ x 2.75“) and is in great condition with some minor scuffs from production use, however the fun functions appear to have stopped working as however much we pressed the buttons, it wouldn't skip back to the start of the weekend! It comes presented in a custom opening frame that allows easy access to the piece, and incorporates laser cut mount board featuring the movie title and stills. The hinged display measures 44cm x 44cm (17.5“ x 17.5“).

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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