Constant Gardener, The

‘Daily Nation’ Obituary Paper

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The Constant Gardener, the film in which British diplomat Justin Quayle (Ralph Fiennes) falls for the passionate activist Tessa (Rachel Weisz). The couple marry after a whirlwind romance and depart on a diplomatic mission to Kenya. When Tessa starts getting too close to uncovering the malpractices of an influential and powerful pharmaceutical company, she and her colleague are brutally murdered. Devastated, Justin begins to investigate her death and becomes deeply embroiled in the mission Tessa had only just begun… Justin has to put the heartache of his wife’s apparent infidelity behind him and continue on a quest to shame members of the British High Commission and their involvement in the unsavoury pharmaceutical company…

During the filming of the 2005 drama The Constant Gardener, the cast and crew decided to set up The Constant Gardener Trust, an organisation that, initially, would help specifically the communities they had met and worked with during the shoot. Their aim is to improve basic sanitation and education for those who are most in need of their help.

To find out more about the charity click on this link The Constant Gardner Trust

The Propstore of London will donate 50% from the proceeds of this sale to 'The Constant Gardeners Trust’

A page from the ‘Daily Nation’ paper from Kenya made for the drama The Constant Gardener. This newspaper is a single ‘double page spread’ and is dated Wednesday, March 31st 2004, the page includes the obituaries for the recently deceased in the area, there is a small insertion which has a picture of Tessa (Rachel Weisz) with the heading ‘Death and Funeral Arrangement’, the details underneath are for a different person. Measures 39.5cm x 58cm (15.5” x 23”) open.

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