Dinosaurs (Tv Series)

Frozen Dinner Puppet

Stock #23300

This is a “frozen dinner” puppet from the 1991 family TV comedy Dinosaurs. Created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop, the puppet can be seen in the very first episode of the series as Earl complains that there is no dinner prepared for him when he arrives home from work. His wife Fran then takes a frozen dinner out of the freezer which is a small creature enclosed in ice!

The puppet is made of foam latex and is encased in a plastic block, built to resemble a large ice cube. The block features a clear area in front, showing the creature’s face, as well as openings in the front and sides, which allow the creature’s arms and legs to stick out.

The block has a small open area in the back and features tiny cracks throughout, some by design, others due to production use and age; the protruding arms and legs have also begun to crack as the foam has dried over time leaving the piece in somewhat poor condition. This piece measures approximately 14” x 16” x 14” (36cm x 41cm x 36cm).

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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