Dog Soldiers

Full Sized Werewolf Costume

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An awesome full sized Werewolf costume used and worn in the 2002 British horror movie Dog Soldiers. This werewolf suit was worn by an actor in the movie who wore stilts inside the suit to give the Werewolf its towering height. The suit is wearable although the stilts have been removed from the costume. It opens by releasing poppers concealed by the mane and hair down the back of the costume. This costume has been painstakingly constructed from a hand painted and detailed foam rubber suit which is fully lined and reinforced, with punched hair in the feet and legs and resin claws. The costume shows signs of wear on set but can easily be maintained and preserved due the extensive reinforcing and lining. The suit is displayed on a bespoke foam padded metal frame creating a stunning towering display - standing at just over 7 ½ feet tall! The head is removable and is constructed from mixed media, flocked with fur, an impressive mane of hair, glass eyes and blood stained teeth. It has a polystyrene head mounted internally for display purposes. Due to the size of this item please ask for a shipping quote before ordering.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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