Replica Pinhead Statue

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A Replica Pinhead Statue inspired by Clive Barker's classic horror franchise, Hellraiser. This replica statue is made with a body casted out of resin, and features a face with detailed cut lines, complete with the trademark nails jammed into the skull. The body showcases muscle definition at the upper arms and shoulders, and is decorated with hooks pulling at the flesh of the chest, exposing the underlying tissue. The hands are posed at the front of the body, and are holding Lemarchand’s box. The lower half of the statue is made using two steel poles that are connected to the thighs of the resin body. These steel supports are mounted to the rectangular wooden base, and are hidden with a long, black, fabric skirt. At the front of the skirt is a section of glimmering black fabric, and worn around the waist are a total of four bladed weapons made from wood which are strung to a piece of black rope that is tied together in the back.

This item is in good condition.

*Please note that due to the size of this item, special shipping arrangements will be required. Please request a quote prior to purchase.

Item size - 23.0" x 73.0" x 31.0" (58.42cm x 185.42cm x 78.74cm)

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