Last Emperor, The

Lama Dance Costume

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A vintage Lama dance costume worn in the 1987 historical drama The Last Emperor. This stunning robe was worn by one of the Lamas – a Tibetan Buddhist teacher – in an unknown scene. This is from the private collection were kept by renowned producer Jeremy Thomas (who single handedly raised the $25million budget for the movie) after filming until only recently, when the Prop Store was proud to assist in sorting and cataloguing the incredible inventory under the guidance and in collaboration with Oscar-winning Costume Designer, Jim Acheson.

The antique garment hails from the Qing Dynasty, making it at least one hundred years old, a breathtaking feat when you look at and appreciate the absolutely intricate detail the creator achieved so long ago. It features a plain blue lining which is where the simplicity stops, the main body is a delightfully rich purple with raspberry and orange panels, all decorated with a gold brocade of traditional flowers and symbols. The sleeves are flared and weighted, which when accompanied by the side pleated skirts allowed for dramatic movement when dancing. It has a single tie at the front and is missing the single button at the neck, and is in outstanding condition for its age.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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