Mars Attacks!

General Decker (Rod Steiger) Costume

Stock #10387

A costume worn in the irreverent Tim Burton sci-fi spoof Mars Attacks! When first contact is made with an alien race, the human race, led by President James Dale (Jack Nicholson), is eager to communicate with them. But the Martians are not coming in peace, and when they commence their invasion of the Earth, things soon go from bad to worse.

This costume was worn by the president’s aggressive chief of staff, General Decker (Rod Steiger), with this style of uniform worn throughout the film. The uniform is comprised of a rifle green wool uniform jacket with various insignia, decorations and a “Decker” nametag, a pair of rifle green wool trousers with two black strips running down either leg, a light green Flying Cross long-sleeved shirt, a black tie and a green wool officer’s cap with general staff insignia. The shirt and tie have Motion Picture Costume Company labels while the shirt is labelled “Decker.” The set is accompanied by a pair of wardrobe tags for the hat indicating its use by Rod Steiger.

Well-used on the production with only minor wear, the costume remains in overall very good condition. The hat is marked as a size 7 1/2", with no other sizes marked.

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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