Light-Up Spacesuit Hanging Rack & Boot Clamps

Stock #27199

A light-up spacesuit hanging rack and boot clips from Ridley Scott’s 2012 mystery sci-fi Prometheus. These detailed, illuminated spacesuit stands are located at stations around the spacesuit room. These racks can be seen whilst the crew are getting prepared to mount the expedition to the planet’s surface. Each spacesuit and helmet has its own rack which is suspended in front of the crew member’s dressing station; the boots are attached to the floor mounted clamps below the suit.

This custom brushed metal frame has been created to suspend the suits on set. The arms are detailed with warning labels and the distinguishable Weyland Corp logo. There are illuminated sections attached to these parts of the rack which are controlled through a series of wires mounted through the armatures. This large and impressive set piece overall remains in very good condition. It measures 102cm x 81cm x 81cm (40” x 32” x 32”).

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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