Star Trek: The Original Series

Original USS Enterprise Bridge Chair

Stock #29081

An Original USS Enterprise Bridge Chair from the 1960's sci-fi drama that started it all, Star Trek! This stunning piece was custom made by the show's art department, and is made from a modified Burke style chair that has been cast from fiberglass and cut on the top so that a custom-made black padded top could be slipped over. The seat includes the black custom cushion that is padded with foam.

Due to age, some of the black paint has faded away from the cushion to reveal an orange base layer color. The fiberglass, which makes up the majority of the chair, is painted light blue. 3 exposed triangular shaped areas can be seen on the back of the chair, where detail pieces were originally attached. The original glue residue where those pieces were attached can still be seen. The chair rests on a single metal beam connected to a swivel base that is shaped like an 'X.' The base has also been painted black.

This item is in good production used condition.

Item size - 20.0" x 40.5" x 23.0" (50.8cm x 102.87cm x 58.42cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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