Muppets Most Wanted

Insert Clapperboard Display Featured

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A clapperboard used in the production of the modern Muppets sequel Muppets Most Wanted. Arrested in an unfortunate case of mistaken identity, Kermit the Frog must enlist the help of his Muppet friends to escape a Siberian gulag, clear his name and bring his nefarious doppelganger, the criminal mastermind Constantine, to justice.

One of the most iconic and memorable aspects of the movie making industry has to be the clapperboard. For decades this has been a vital piece of equipment that enables not just sound and image to be synchronised, but to also advise the viewer of the raw footage the exact details of the upcoming shot. The simple monochromatic device has become a symbolic image synonymous with films, and is still used to this day.

This insert clapperboard was used for close-up shots where a larger clapperboard was inappropriate for use. The clapper is made of acrylic with the early logo for “The Muppets: Take 2” at the top. The name of director James Bobin has been laser cut into the board, while the name of second unit Director of Photography Michael Burgess is taped over the bottom. The slate has remnants of black marker on it from use, with a printed label denoting the last day of its use as 28th March 2013. The clapper sticks, which are made of wood, remain loose and deliver a sharp snap when closed.

Well used on the production, the clapperboard remains in very good condition and comes presented in a custom framed display featuring the film’s title and poster artwork and an opening front panel allowing direct access to the piece.

Item size - 2.36" x 19.69" x 14.17" (6.0cm x 50.0cm x 36.0cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

Prop Store - London

Live Auction of Film & Television Artefacts Catalogue (Pre-Order) Featured

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Prop Store is proud to announce it’s partnered with Vue Entertainment to launch its first live auction. In the most exciting sale of its kind, Over 375 original film and television props and costumes will go under the hammer in October, at Vue’s flagship cinema in Westfield, London. Members of the public will be able to get up close and personal with some of the most valuable and iconic pieces on offer via a free two week exhibition at Vue Westfield from 1st October.

With a catalogue to suit all budgets, one of the least expensive items up for grabs is a film crew jacket from the set of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, estimated to go for an affordable £80, while the most lucrative prop being auctioned is the aluminum chair, designed as a concept for Dune, created by the late H.R Giger and is expected to fetch up to £80,000.

You can pre-order your very own hard copy of the catalogue here, due for release early September.

The catalogue is 224 pages long, made using heavyweight paper, packed with full colour illustrations and descriptions.

PDF and interactive electronic downloads will also be available free of charge in September.

Approximate shipping charges (per catalogue) -
UK : £13
USA : $33


Djinn Display Bust

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A Djinn Display Bust from the 1997 Wes Craven-produced horror film Wishmaster. In the film, an auction house employee accidentally unleashes a demonic genie who tries to force wishes on her so that he can unleash a legion of demons. This head was made from the original molds as a display piece.

The bust display is made of fiberglass sculpted into the shape of the demonic Djinn, with deep-set eyes, large ears, and horns coming out of the back of the head. The head is painted brown and tan. The eyes are white with red irises; the lips are black; the horns are also black. The two horns protruding from the back of the head are attached with bolts and wing-nuts. The inside of the bust is hollow. Though the head is made from the original molds, it was not made for use in the production.

This display bust shows light wear due to age and storage, but it is in overall good condition.

Item size - 19.0" x 11.0" x 16.0" (48.26cm x 27.94cm x 40.64cm)

World War Z

Zombie Make Up Test Bust - 005

Stock #36270

A makeup test bust used in the production of the zombie action movie World War Z. When United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is rescued during a zombie outbreak, he begins a globetrotting adventure to find the source of the pandemic before the world’s governments collapse and the human race becomes extinct.

This test bust was used in the design process to finalise the look of the infected zombie humans seen throughout the film. Made on a fibreglass life cast, foam latex facial appliances have been applied across the face, head and shoulders, with a series of raised veins, wide-open cuts and bite marks across the bust's surface. Gruesome bites are present on both sides of the neck and head with additional wounds to the left ear and face. The head and appliances have been finished with an air brush, giving them a gaunt appearance and ensuring the bust not only feels real but looks real as well.

A fantastic insight into the design phase of the film, the bust remains in excellent production-used condition.

Item size - 9.84" x 14.96" x 17.72" (25.0cm x 38.0cm x 45.0cm)

Certificate of Authenticity This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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