Holiday Display Doozer Snowman and Swing

Production-Made Klingon Cowl Appliance

Grinch's (Jim Carrey) Forehead Appliance

Jack Ryan's Movie Theater Costume

Hand-Drawn Partially Colored Flight Suit Concept Sketch

King Cotys' (John Hurt) Hero Dagger

Crew Jacket

Original Production Storyboard Autographed By Dennis Muren - Luke on Weather Vane CC45A

Original Production Used Storyboard Set - Jillian's House

Folder of Autographed Photographs

Prime Minister Christmas Card

Hale Caesar's (Terry Crews) Tactical Vest and Holster

Hellion Razor Hand

Rob Hawkins' (Michael Stahl-David) Bloody Costume

Storyboard Copies - Arthur's Army Draw Explosive Arrows

5th Draft Script and Weapons Spreadsheet

Portal Chamber Lighting Panel

George the Bear's Santa Costume

Original Production Storyboard - Biker Crashes into Tree

Care of Magical Creatures T-Shirt

Hugh Hudson Signed Christmas Card

Hand-Drawn Ralph McQuarrie Artwork: Page Layout Sketch of Greedo and Evazan

Stunt Grappling Rifle

Sylvester Stallone Chairback

John Mollo Hand-Drawn Flight Suit Concept Sketch - Miller

Original Production Storyboard Set - Narcissus In Space

Narcissus External 'Full External of Narcissus' Production Dyeline

Mac's (Yao Chin) Jumpsuit

Blueprints and Set Designs


Hick's (Cam Gigandet) Bloodied Costume

Toll Road's (Randy Couture) Tactical Vest with Bullet Hit

Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) Alternate CIA Badge

Eight Hand-Drawn Pages - Skinner and Chalmers (SC-58)

Highlighted Script

Jasper's (Michael Caine) Shirt

Original Production Storyboard - Drop Ship Striking A.P.C

Black Crew Cap

John (Wesley Snipes) and Charlie Robinson's (Woody Harrelson) NYTP Badges

Spike’s (Lance Gibson) Stunt Bone Spike